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Welcome to VS-TrEx 2.0!
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Would you like more Traffic? More visitors?

Well, we are back!

We had server issues, but we are back. We have made several changes to prevent this from happening again, and I'm truly sorry for the downtime of the site. We are back stronger then ever!

We will be dressing the site up a little more, but everything is ready for your use

We only have two memberships, free and pro. The free gives you one url,banner, text,and mimi banner ad. The Pro gives you unlimited ad's and a faster auto surf. It is ONLY $1.00, and no one else offers this for full access. We are linked with several networks, and your site will be seen by thousands, where else can you get that for $1.00? Face it, if advertising all your sites with all these options, with all these networks is not worth ONE buck, just reach over and turn off your PC now.

We have combined a Traffic Exchange, Banner Exchange and a Text Ad Exchange, all on the same credit system.

This is a powerful combination and is free to join :

  • Improve both your message delivery and statistics with a 'Way Station'
    • Show a group of sites together, in sequence to each user
    • Improve viewer response through more detailed messages
    • Improve your site's surfing statistics:
      • Sequential displays improve 'visit duration' and 'page views' figures
    • No one offers this but us!

  • Use our Banner Exchange for promotion and earnings
    • Get increased exposure with your banners on other members' sites
    • Earn advertising from your existing traffic by putting a 1-line script on your site that displays banners
    • An example of our banner exchange banner is at the bottom of this page
  • Use our Ad Exchange for even more options
    • Get increased exposure with your text ads on other members' sites
    • Earn advertising from your existing traffic by putting a 1-line script on your site that displays text ads...
    • Keep it consistent with your site: You control the width, color, and placement of ads on your site.
    • An example of our ad exchange banner is at the bottom right of this page.

  • Get more promotion for less $: Many ways to earn traffic on our system
    • Auto and Manual Surfing
    • Promote our site to get more hits to your site
    • Earn from your site's traffic with our Banner Exchange
    • Earn from your site's traffic with our Text Ad Exchange
    • Instant sign up bonus for any member you refer
    • Weekly bonus on referrals' surf-earnings, up to 1 levels deep

  • Try something new: Novel approaches to exchanging traffic:
    • Link banners to your site displays for greater impact
    • Control the 'tip text' that appears when a user 'mouses over' your banner
      • This increases the amount of message you can deliver to viewers
    • Save your bandwidth for your customers: Upload banners to our site
    • Put your banner on our banner exchange for even greater exposure

Studio Fortunes Free Traffic, Hits Exchange & Link Directory, a Unique Global Advertising System with free Advertising, Tools & Resources to market yo
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